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  • Most of the audio files we transcribe are poor to fair quality because of some of the following issues:
    • Made with non-professional equipment.
      • Recorded with telephone/cell phone equipment.
      • Recorded with hand-held recording device.
    • Recorded in noisy environments.
      • Situations of Duress
        • 911 Calls
      • Outdoors
      • Traffic
      • Crowds
      • Restaurants
    • Produced by concealed recording devices
      • Movement of the wearer creates noise that overpowers any conversation.
      • Hidden recording device is too far from the conversation.
  • In contrast, a transcript prepared by a court reporter or stenographer are controlled in quality:
    • People in court are expected to follow court rules.
      • The court room is quiet during a case.
      • If a word or phrase is not understood by the court reporter, they may ask for a clarification before proceeding.
    • Business Meetings.
    • Civil Hearings.
      • Members are recognized to speak.




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