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An extension of the Team Audio Inc. family, and part of our offices at Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates.




Audiomatrix Recording Studios began in 1982.

David Mariasy, founded Audiomatrix Recording Studios while also educating students as a Professor in the Music Department of the University of Toledo.



Since the early years, Audiomatrix has maintained a regional and national reputation for high-quality project-based recordings of all sorts:

  • Voice-Over Recording for Radio, Television, Film and Video Production
  • Radio Spot Recording
  • Advertising “Jingle” Production
  • Original Music for Broadcast, Film and Video, as well as The Internet
  • In-house and location recordings from Rock, Jazz, to Choral and Classical Music
  • Studio-Live Music Recording with Video
  • Audio Restoration of Music and Spoken-Word recordings from Multiple Formats from the Past to Today

For a short list of past and current clients please click here.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

Recording, programming, mixing, and mastering :

Additional Software

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) :

  • UAD (Universal Audio)
  • MOTU Complete Suite for Digital Performer
  • IK Media ARC 2
  • iZotope RX and iZotope Insight
  • Waves Audio Signal Processors (DSP)
  • Cube-Tech and Audio Cube System with Noise Reduction Software

Professional Hardware

Voice and Music Recording:


AcousticallyTuned Audio Recording and Audio- Control Rooms

  • Expect the best!


 Audiomatrix has unique relationships with Audio/Video Forensic and Restoration Associates and The University of Toledo Music Department:

  • For A/VF&RA clients, the professional audio recording-engineering of Audiomatrix is something very different than most other companies offering forensic audio, or audio enhancement services.
  • Regarding The University of Toledo, Professor David Mariasy is the Director of Music Technology and the Recording Arts. Advanced classes in Recording Engineering, Music Technology, Physics of Music and Sound, and Senior Internships are held at Audiomatrix Recording Studios.


Mission Statement of Audiomatrix Studio:

Currently and historically Audiomatrix Recording Studios offer voice-over recording services, original music for productions of all sorts.

In music, we are now working with only a few professional-recording artists a year.

We continue to offer audio-restoration of vintage and contemporary music and voice recordings.