Audio and Video Experts

Our Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates strive to provide the best possible service through high standards of quality.

We are a multilingual-capable firm across the USA and continents. 

History With over 20 years of experience, Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates has been providing professional quality Audio and Video Forensic Services, Enhancement and Restoration, Transcription Services, and Expert Witness Deposition and Testimony.

Our company has also provided a demonstration of Forensic Audio techniques at the Ohio Common Pleas Judges Association, December 8th, 2011. We presented our expert knowledge to a great number of Judges, to help them understand the importance, and mechanics of Forensic Audio during court proceedings.

Starting out as Team Audio Inc., our associates worked with analog media (i.e.: cassette, microcassette, VHS and reel to reel tape).reel to reel Audio Restoration


As technology progressed into the digital era (CD, DVD, and digital files transferring via the internet) and media grew in availability and popularity throughout society, coincidently our requests for forensic enhancement of audio/video files from surveillance videos, police dash-cams and cell-phone videos increased.

Professional Audio EnhancementWith this evolution from analog to digital, we have expanded our knowledge and services. We are also continually upgrading our equipment to stay up-to-date with today’s technology.

In 2016, Team Audio Inc. became Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates to reflect our commitment to continue to provide the best results for our clients as technology grows.