Enhancement of Audio Recordings

Audio enhancement examples warning

What makes audio

enhancement possible?

  • Professional Tools
    • Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.)
      • Allows files to be observed in graphical form
      • Allows immediate view and play-back at any point of time in the file
    • Enhancement Digital Signal Processors (D.S.P.’s)
      • Noise reduction
      • Compression
      • Equalization
      • Hum removal
  • Professional Application of D.S.P.’s.
    • Remove unwanted constant hum
    • Reduce unwanted noise
    • Level out soft and loud sounds
    • Amplify wanted sounds (i.e.: voice)

Most sources for audio files can be enhanced or restored.

Video files with audio can be enhanced two ways, picture and audio.

  • Once separated they can be enhanced and then combined again.