Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates  –  Team Audio Inc.

 Payment Policy:

  • We require upfront retainer payments on all projects and cases brought to us.
    • The upfront retainer allows us to begin work on your project/case.
    • This amount is deducted from the total bill.
  • We will give you an estimate as to how much the project will cost based on requested services, state of materials (condition of recording: poor/fair etc.) and approximated time to complete the services.
  • We will not begin work on a project or case without the retainer fee paid.
  • Our attached price list reflects our current rates.
  • Upon completion of a project/case, an invoice will be sent. Payment for our services is expected upon receipt of the invoice.

Since every case is unique:

  • In some cases, an agreement may be made to forgo the retainer fee, this should be discussed and a written agreement will be created to assure payment for services.
  • In large projects, an invoice may be sent at a chosen limit, or after certain services, and work will stop until further authorization.
  • Some cases may be less than our standard retainer fee ($500.) We request payment upfront for such cases.
  • Rush order, or cases that have an immediate due date may have an extra charge due to such circumstances.