Analysis : Audio and Video

Audio and Video recordings - Evaluation and Analysis

 Often, recordings are of fair to poor quality, made with non-professional equipment, recorded in noisy environments, produced by concealed recording devices and telephone equipment in general.

Some other factors that can compromise a recording are related to situations such as 911 calls made under duress or too many people speaking together.


 In short, each audio recording A/V F&R receives is unique because of these and other variable factors.


iZotope Insight DSP in Adobe Audition

Some reasons for Evaluation and Analysis of audio and video recordings:


  • To evaluate whether a recording can be enhanced, dependent on its quality.
    • Is there underlying audio to bring forward through noise or overpowering sounds?
  • To determine if any evidence is present on the recording.
    • The audio has some faint sound is it relevant to the case at hand?
    • The video has some definite evidence relevant to the case at hand?
  • Is the audio/video authentic? Has it been tampered with or altered in any way?
    • Is there a physical splice in analog tape or cut/paste in digital file?


Each analysis is discussed with the client, and a summary report with our findings may be written to present as evidence in court or some other official venue.


Dependent on the analysis and client request, Audio Enhancement, Audio Restoration, and/or Video enhancement could begin.