Services for Audio Transcription

Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates provides transcripts of audio recordings of all sorts. Often times the recordings are of fair to poor quality, made with non-professional equipment, recorded in noisy environments, produced by concealed recording devices and telephone equipment in general.

Some other factors that can compromise a recording are related to situations such as 911 calls made under duress or too many people speaking together In short, each transcription assignment our associates receive is unique because of these and other variable factors.

By comparison, court reporters or stenographers make transcripts in controlled situations: in court proceedings where all people speaking must follow court rules; in all manner of civil hearings; business meetings and the like.

So, we produce transcripts where others can’t. Our expert use of forensic audio enhancement and audio restoration is the usual first step in our transcription process. We make hard or really difficult to understand recorded conversation as clear as possible.

Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates has a lengthy history of transcript preparation, many of which have been used in court proceedings nationwide. We have strict quality control and adhere to this basic principle:


“This transcript has been prepared to the best of our ability using all of our technical resources and expert listening skills. It is our opinion that this transcript is accurate and complete to the best of our ability.”


Here is an example of what our transcripts look like:

transcript example

*See also our audio enhancement samples, where you can see a transcription of the audio sample while it plays!