Enhancement of Audio from Video

Surveillance cameras, cell phone cameras, camcorders, police body cameras and police in-car cameras are capturing events all the time.


Often these videos are used to assist in investigations that may be used in a court of law or other official proceedings. Private citizens may simply want to have documentation for their own purposes.


Video Enhancement; Audio Enhancement;

But sometimes the audio from video is of poor quality due to movement, weather, traffic, mechanical noise, etc. Dependent on the nature and quality of the recording, it may be necessary to use only the auditory file from a video for evidence, other times it is essential to combine enhanced file with video.

Using all available evidence is helpful for any investigation. (*See also Video Enhancement)


We separate audio from video and use our professional tools to enhance the audio.


After this process, we then combine enhanced audio back to video.


Here are a couple examples:

*Warning: Strong Language and Graphic Content*

1. Undercover ‘Hit-man’ and ‘Suspect,’ with original audio, video clip.

2. Undercover ‘Hit-man’ and ‘Suspect,’ with enhanced audio, video clip.

3. Cell phone video with original audio.

4. Cell phone video with enhanced audio.