Enhancement for Audio


Using professional tools, our associates can enhance the quality of many recordings.


In a computer based environment, generally called a D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation), the file can be played back and also observed as a graphical waveform.

Any point of the file can be immediately accessed, and any time section of the file can be viewed.


Audio Denoiser - remove noise - enhance and restore audio

Tools for enhancement such as Noise reduction, Compression, Equalization and Hum Removal, can be applied to the file to bring out details, reduce unwanted noise, and level out soft and loud sounds.


Essentially these tools allow us to clean up the file, making the recording more audible.

Videos below are some examples of Audio Enhancement:

Audio files from many sources can be enhanced or restored. Video files with audio can have two types of enhancement, the video itself and it’s audio. These can be used separately or ‘married’ back together for a full enhancement. Please click the links to see the descriptions and examples of audio restoration, audio from video enhancement and video enhancement.