Analysis of Audio & Video

Quality analysis

Why we Evaluate and Analyze audio and video recordings:


  • Can it be enhanced?
    • What is the quality?
    • Is there hidden audio under the noise?



  • Is there any evidence on the recording?
  • How authentic is the recording?
  • Has it been altered or tampered with?
iZotope Insight DSP in Adobe Audition

Some reasons recordings may need enhancement:

  • Made with non-professional equipment
  • Recorded in a noisy environment
  • Produced by a concealed recording device
  • Recorded from/with telephone equipment
  • Recorded in a chaotic situation
    • 911 calls
    • Large group of people
  • Recorded in a dark environment

Our Process of Evaluation and Analysis:

  • We analyze recordings sent to us.
  • We discuss the analysis with each client.
  • After analysis, Audio Enhancement, Audio Restoration or Video Enhancement can begin.
  • We may write a summary report on our findings
    • Our expert opinion, analysis and any enhancement or restoration work is discussed in our report.
    • It is a legal document that could be presented as evidence in court.